Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ES on 50 and 144mhz June 07

Been a poor enough season on 2m ES, a few nice openings, nothing spectacular, 145.5 FM into Casablanca was novel but don't think there has been anything new logged.
50mhz has been pretty ok with a with great openings on 25-27 th June to W/VE with almost 300 initial stations worked in over 100 squares 50/50 cw+ssb
Notable were AA5XE EM00, W5HNK EL29, N5BLZ EM20 and W5EU EM12, K0GU DM12, all over 7000km, missed W5OZI as had to leave shack for family reasons but have worked Pat in 1991/2000 and 2006 already
29 squares over 6000km were logged

Thanks to all