Friday, August 25, 2006

K7AD/W7GJ 6m eme

Nice signals again tonight from Gayland, tracking is guess work again although peaked on Gary KB8RQ on 144.127

Few evenings later I copied W7GJ Lance very well, no luck either, the K index had risen to a 5, suppose ill have to blame something
Best copied was 200800 9 -16 2.7 -46 4 * CQ W7GJ DN27 and was easy to peak on the speaker, I lost Lance at one period for about 45mins with deep fading

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spectacular Meteor Shower for 2007 ?

Sept. 1, 2007 is marked for a possible spectacular meteor shower linked to the Aurigids, the astronomers who discovered this Esko Lyytinen of Finland and Peter Jenniskens used computer models to predict outbursts of the Leonid meteor shower, which wowed skywatchers in 2000 and 2001
I fIrst came across the story at Irish's website in a forum here
More information at these links
Should be interesting for meteor scatter operators

Monday, August 21, 2006


Since the ft-847 has 4m it seemed a shame not to utilise that band also.
EI9GQ designed a 4m aerial for me , I used it a litle in 2005 but this year decided to be a little bit more serious, too late for most of the ES but in time for some I guessed
Measurements for the 70 mhz
4ele aerial are as follows and credit to EI9GQ for this
Ref: 2168mm
DE: 2028mm
All spacings increased to 0.2WL (854mm).
Gain at 70.2 = 10.14 dBi (about 8 dBd) F/B ratio 17dB

73 Charles

50mhz EME

This is new ground for me, spotted K7AD on the cluster closing down but requested he called me on 6m JT65 eme, the results were interesting
I got 9 decodes from K7AD

I found that version 4.9.8 was far better at decoding than the newer 5.9.5
It was also interesting to note that my 756pro2 was much better than the ft-847 in coping with noise on 6m, the Icom decoded long before the 847 as did version 4.9.8 before 5.9.5
My eme setup requires that I need to have a visual on the the moon and use a security camera mounted on the aerial to track, it works fine on 2m, I did not have this tonight, used KB8RQ's signal on 2m to peak on him earlier on and left it at that heading
I gave Gayland K7AD some calls without luck tonight, he was a weak speaker copy and runs a fine station on 50mhz
Thanks to W7GJ Lance for his help and this fine link for 6m eme help
73 Charles