Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CU/EI 4m 1st

CU Azores CU8AO + EI2IP - 17th Jun 2006

Good to see a new kid on the block
Your FT-847 is doing the job nicely Robbie, keep it up
(27th August, just a note to say EI2IP is now at a new qth in IO61CX)

Monday, June 26, 2006

2M5WL with 6M7JHV under

Robbie, the aerials are slightly elevated as the trailer has a puncture on one wheel, the 2m aerial needs to be adjusted as has too much elevation anyway but what the heck, they both seem to be working

Monday, June 19, 2006

50/144mhz 19 June 2006

Heard JM1DTF on 50mhz cw this morning, also a partial call from another JA station via multi hop ES, most interesting, he did not hear me but you cant win em all, nice distance too 9760 km, ah well, there is always tomorrow, my first time hearing a JA on 6M

144 mhz this evening was another story, after a brief opening to HA/OM at about 1400z, EI9GQ put out a call on 144,300 and worked ES3RF, very nice, I hrd him but his signal faded before I got the chance to work him. At nearly 1600z I worked 7 OH, 1 OH0 and 2 SM stations, later on while working ES7FU on 50mhz and monitoring 144.300 I hrd an ES station on 300, missed him and worked ES7GN KO28 then missed ES5GAP
It is difficult to work new squares at this stage on 144mhz but thanks to OH6MW and OH3LOR for giving me KP20 as a new one today
What a day, who says VHF is not exciting, I have never before worked OH/OH0/ES on 2m ES and the season has a few weeks in it yet

Friday, June 16, 2006

New 6m aerial

Replaced my trusty 12ft 5 ele yagi with a 6M7JHV today, seems to be doing the business, worked YV/FM/PJ/WP3 this evening in multi hop ES, lets see what the next few days will bring

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CU8DUB/B 144.420

Arrived home at around 11:30am after been out walking, rig was already on 144.420 in anticipation of ES and the beacon was audible, Tim G4LOH alerted right away me that he was hearing the beacon , delighted to hear it at 529 signals via tropo, at 1st I thought it was ES, beacon was in/out for abt 3/4 hour, called CU8AO who was qrv, he heard me but I did not hear him strong enough to work him, not to worry, im happy to have heard this beacon via tropo for the 1st time, well done to Tim who worked Fred, during the afternoon I have heard weakly a few times.
Azores beacon is up and running since last summer, only time I have heard it until today was during the Perseids last August and that was just a few bursts.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1st post

Blog will probably Ham radio vhf radio related.
No ES on 144mhz today, missed a possible opening this morning, cant be sitting by the radio all the time.
73 & take care.... de Charles